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The Wild West

Clamity Jane

Life In The Early Days
Economic and Social Conditions
Clamity Jane
Billy The Kid
Erastus Beadle Publishing
Charles M. Russel and Frederic Remington

Calamity Jane is a household name, but this is only because of how the real person, Martha Jane Cannary has been romantasized in hollywood films, portrayed by actors like Jane Russel, Doris Day, and Jean Arthur. 


Facts about Calamity Jane:
 Martha Jane Canary (1848-1903) was born in Princeton, Missouri. This hard drinking woman wore men's clothing, used their bawdy language, chewed tobacco and was handy with a gun. She traveled from Arizona through the Dakota territories during her rough life. At her death, the "White Devil of the Yellowstone" was remembered as a saint by the citizens of Deadwood, where she helped nurse the sick during a smallpox plague. She is buried near Wild Bill Hickock at Deadwood, South Dakota.


And The Stories.....
Many people believe that Calamity Jane was married to Wild Bill Hickock, when in actual fact the pair probably only ever met once or twice, although Calamity Jane did ask to be buried by him. Calamity Jane, is however suposed to have had several marriages, and a son, however, there is little to no evidence of that.
Hollywood have romanticized this hisotic figure, and turned her into a singing, dancing cowgirl-to-be-admired. She has become and icon of what the West was, when in reality, she played a very minor role in the identity of the West.